FRA will easily solve complicated multi layer application

Every users can identify their user category by synchronising their daily actions with the system. This system is built with easy customisation which paves way for smoother process in turn results in higher successful rate of projects.

Meet our FRA Users

Project Investigator (PI)

Sole responsible for their project(s), describe their project in the system, uploads related documents and seek for verifications and approvals of their request with the option to check all the status and receiving the notifications.

Vice Chancellor / Director

Super admins, can assign, change and modify the roles, responsibilities, workflow and request flow.

Project Cell (Head & Staffs)

Responsible for handling the projects for different funding agencies and departments.

Dean of Projects

Has the permission to see all ongoing projects till brought into work or request flow by super admins.

Registrar (Head & Staffs)

Verified uploaded document and forward it to registrar for approval.

Purchase Cell

Comes in workflow when the request is related to purchase to take his administrative action.

Head of the Department

If assigned the role can take decisions else has the option to view project only.

Finance (Head & Staffs)

Authority of fund management and fund requests related decisions for different funding agencies.

This is a Process Driven Application can be customized for automation as per your needs. By this workflow, FRA will reduces the manual tasks, errors & save time.