Say Goodbye to late or missed jobs, always stay upto the mark

Connect all the researchers and departments involved in the workflow of funded research (projects) on a single platform to reduce the manual efforts and eliminate the difficulties of the conventional system (workflow).

Fully featured. Full of context.

Create Project

  • PI/Researcher create (register) his sanctioned project in the system (FRA)
  • It requires his/her personal, project and funding agency details along with fund allocation under various heads and different years
  • Uploads sanction order by funding agency and other documents required
  • Send it for verification while able to check the status of it

Project Verification

  • Super Admins (VC and Dean of Projects) verifies the documents and register it
  • If required they can ask for the rectification of the project by leaving a comment
  • For every action and request PI and super admin gets notification alerts
  • System shows all the pending requests and approval to the users on their respective dashboard

Fund Request

  • PI can raise fund request under different heads and years for his project
  • PI uploads the supporting documents for fund request
  • Fund request is restricted by fund availability to his project, under different heads
  • PI can check the status of his fund request and decisions taken on it

Notification & Alerts

  • Auto notifications and mails to the authorities for their approvals
  • Auto notification and mail to PI for approval of project and fund requests

Utilization Certificate

  • Reflects allocated and spent amount
  • Zero chance of manual errors and delays
  • Different formats according to funding agencies


  • Option to refund the unspent amount
  • Refund history

Tracking & Status

  • Tracking of project by name, school, department, funding agency and date
  • Categorization based on its status like ongoing, overdue or completed
  • Easy request tracking and its status for PI
  • Action history with username and time

FRA Benefits

  • Very user friendly
  • Compatible to all the devices
  • Workflow and roles can be modified easily by Super Admin
  • Easy accessibility as it is a web based solutio
  • Virtually connect all the users
  • Eradicates human errors
  • Increase the productivity and efficiency of the system